Indoor advertising can provide a powerful medium for ad agencies, media buyers and advertisers to reach their target audience. The concept is simple. Ads are strategically placed inside businesses and public spaces where the advertisers target market can be found.

Outdoor advertising works well for promoting your product in specific geographic areas. We have the various means of the outdoor media that can provide high impact, build and maintain awareness.

We emphasize and ensure that mode of advertising stays economical and reaches out to masses so that the client and brands can leverage their promotions and campaigns.


Lamppost Advertisement in Fujairah

One Brand – Multiple Message…Lamppost advertising is the ideal solution.

Be it Brand Recall, New Launch, Portfolio exhibit or general branding building exercise.

Lampposts provide advertisers the ability to specifically target their product in desired geographical location and target specific consumers.


First Ever in Fujairah

With its V-Shaped digital screen size 8m X 5m, our digital unipole shows significant results because of its long distance visibility. It displays images and videos in high resolution. The most valuable part of this mode of advertising is that it taps the audience from two sides because of its V-Shape. It has very bright and sharp images that profoundly engages the passerby and conveys the message in less time.


Spread your brand

Because of its special location in Sheikh Khalifa Road, the bridge banner will guarantee the spread of your brand not only within Fujairah citizens but also Fujairah visitors from other Emirates. Our bridge banner is 2 faced size: 41m X 2.5m & 50m X 2.5m.


Bring your message to the masses

Advertising on taxis provides unmatched exposure of your brand as taxis travel around cities and act as effective mobile advertising displaying your brand to an on-the-move audience. It offers exposure which cannot be matched by other static advertising formats.

Taxis takes your brand to Hotels, Airports, Shopping Malls, Business Districts, Busy Markets… and Everywhere else.

Taxi Advertising offers your brand high levels of exposure in front of millions, transforming the vehicle into an effective mobile billboard to help you reach a large audience.

We give your business the power to influence commuters, pedestrians, motorists, and tourists in UAE with cost-effective and creative advertising campaigns which are guaranteed to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

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